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  1. The danger of cherry-picking quotes...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirill View Post
    is it absolutely necessary for our staff to play the race card on what seems like every (in)opportune occasion nowadays?
    "As a black man I think itís going to be difficult anyway."
    Do me a favour Kirill - he has not played the race card. Firstly, you've taken that quote out of context with the rest of the interview. Secondly, he never raised the issue - he was just responding to a question in light of Les Ferdinand's recent comments. To get a balanced of what he's said you ...
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  2. Does our voting system need reform?

    Does anyone here think our plurality 'first past the post' voting system is fundamentally unfair? For example in a Tory stronghold constituency, voting for any other party would essentially be a wasted vote. I do not include tactical voting in this, as this still wouldn't give your preferred party any real benefit.

    Proportional representation is surely a much fairer and more genuinely democratic system, because a far greater amount of our individual votes would make an overall difference ...
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  3. Meritocracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdave View Post
    If I was an owner the last thing I would worry about before appointing someone would be the colour of their skin. I just don't see this being as big as people like Les and others say. Surely chairmen want success for their club? Black or white shouldn't be an issue.
    Exactly. Meritocracy in tandem with fully equal opportunities has to be the way forward in the 21st century. Tokenism and positive discrimination IMO is now an outdated product of over-wooly liberal thinking. It's misguided, ...
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  4. At the time, did you want TF to spend the money in Jan 2015 to keep us up? NO IF's

    Quote Originally Posted by Greengrass View Post
    At the time, did you want TF to spend the money to keep us up? NO IF's
    The question is flawed because it infers a false premiss that spunking more in Jan with yet another elastoplast would have guaranteed survival, when it could just as easily have worsened an already dire situation with further debt, wages and contracts. Also, an untrustworthy manager was in situ at the time. So overall, much too big a gamble for TF, understandably.
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  5. Blood, Sweat & Tears

    Quote Originally Posted by Art of Football View Post
    Relive England's Greatest Moments

    With England back in International action tonight we will all be looking out to see who can emerge as our next hero? You can reminisce the past glories, heartbreaks and icons with our England Blood, Sweat & Tears collection.

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