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QPR this season have loaned a total of 15 different players out. This is something which Les Ferdinand feels benefits the players and helps them grow as individuals, as he feels the under 23 league isn’t challenging enough. However rangers are trying to create a pathway from the academy into the first team and create local hero’s and do things the ‘right way’.
Therefore I feel this loan system doesn’t really benefit the club or the players at all, if anything it delays the inevitable decision that most clubs will face is that the youth team players just aren’t good enough. We have seen it happen year after year that we keep loaning a academy player out in the hope he will return a superstar however knowing he isn’t quite good enough and eventually we make the decision that he simply isn’t going to make It and the famous phrase ‘we haven’t had a youth player since Richard Langley’ gets put on the broken record.
The one shining light of what has been a pretty dull season for QPR has been the rise of Irish sensation Ryan Manning and this rise has seen him become a first team regular. However funnily enough Manning came straight from the academy into the first team without the need to be shipped out on loan. Now is this simply because rangers feel he is the next superstar or because we have already loaned out other midfielders Brandon Comley and Ben Gladwin.

For example Michael Doughty is someone who has been at the club since 2007 and after making his first team appearance in 2011 has had 8 different loan moves. Now surely if rangers really think he is going to make the cut he would have made more than 10 appearances for the club in 6 years before being shipped out time and time again.
Over the years ranges have had many academy players who have made loan moves to be told their not going to make it, for example: Michael Harriman eventually moved on to Wycombe after a series of loan spells away, a similar thing happened with players such as: Antonio German, Bruno Andrade and Frankie Sutherland. The only player who will hopefully buck the trend will be Darnell Furlong who has seen the loan move come and go and now sees himself in the first team picture.

This just simply asks the question do the academy players need to make the dreaded loan move before they make their first team appearance or do the players which make the move simply not good enough and rangers deep down know they never will be.