How can I not be devastated,its ridiculous at the beging of the season all of us fans thought that cisse was our saviour,so sparkie hughes decided to drop him once more against albion there was no cisse
without our goal machine we are a broken side,
why oh why dosnt he play hoilett out wide
parks useless and cant stop the tide
zamora has hit poor form but hughes wont drop him
I can only think that sparkie is a bit dim
in our squad we do have the players im sure
our midfield with swp and park is too terrible to endure
all of our fans tell sparkie the same thing
every week we hope and pray that he does play the king
but the blonde mohican is left on the bench
then afterwards in the changing room he reflects in the stench
our performances resemble that 68-69 season we are so unlucky
but i say drop swp and park bring back barton we need someone a bit more plucky
poor factomondo has gone completely of his head
hes just burnt down his brand new shed
i suppose a bar be que was never a good idea
but still what a shame oh dear
even shania is showing a lot of worry in her thread
thats it folks rant over im going to lay down on my lovely comfortable bed