thank you victor for saving my club
you befriended gianni and took him to the pub
you explained that everything is, about management you had your shout

gi gi was so diminitive he needed your strength
you explained we need neil warnock you talked at length

and now our club is brilliant and never lose
thank god you told him the manager to chose
and i hope on the open topped bus ride
your there pushing your chest out so wide

because your the greatest man ive ever known in my life
your my best friend ,your closer than my wife
your in your sixtiest year
soon all our dreams appear

as neil leads out the team at wem,bley
your wear your best suit that day.your see
adel murder the opposition,
but remember it was your gi gi s aquisition

so we man,next season we do the best we can
you be standing with your daughter leeanne
as we really show our might
as we win the top flight

but i put it down to you
your heart is always true
youll never let a mate down
your the best friend in town