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Cheers Stan, must have missed this article.

Still a bit ambiguous though isn't it? "Converted to equity" is an interesting phrase to use. I can't see that the club is worth anything like 200m so I would guess the shareholders will never see that money back. Which I suppose in turn does make this a write off but it would be interesting to have some more facts around that.
Sorry guys just because the debt is written off does not mean it disappears,the money is still owing to someone and sooner or later they will want some if not all of that
money back.

Call me mad if you like but i am becoming increasingly concerned with the stance of the club with regards to finance,no money for the transfer window,
kit deal gone #### up,parachute payments running out and crowds decreasing etc.

I am suspicious that they are running the club down with a view to possible administration and worse.......how much is the site at Loftus road worth???????